Dear Nantucket Creative Reuse community,

Thank you for a terrific first year! Your generosity and enthusiasm with donations, purchases, & spreading the word about this small business of mine has been incredible.

In the fall of 2020 I made the decision to take a leap of faith and open this shop, not sure exactly what it would look like or how successful it would be, but wanting to try something new for myself and my community. 

I’ve tried many new things with the business since opening the doors in December 2020 - rentals, workshops, drop-in making time, collaborations, and more. 

My next endeavor is a bit of a bigger pivot: I have decided to switch gears to become an online shop.

While I enjoy seeing your faces and knowing what you’re working on, this will give me some more flexibility as I continue my personal growth journey. This will also mean that long-distance supporters will be able to shop with us as well!

There are still many unknowns in the process, however, here is what you can expect going forward:

  • New items uploaded online regularly

  • FREE Local delivery

  • Domestic shipping - $10 flat fee

  • A pause on accepting donations

  • Continued collaborations within the community for crafting activities 

I'm excited to share this newest venture with you and hope that you will continue to support Nantucket Creative Reuse!


           - Emma