Project Idea: Tassel Wall Hanging

Fiber art wall hangings are IN! Whether it’s woven, macramé, or simply tying rope or yarn to a wooden dowel, there are lots of beautiful ways to use fiber as wall art.

This tassel wall hanging is a great way to use up leftover scrap yarn from previous projects. We get a lot of that at NcR!

The best thing about this project is that very few tools are required.

Here’s a brief overview

Supplies & materials:

  • Yarn

  • Tapestry needle (helpful but not required)

  • Wooden dowel or driftwood

  • Scissors

Yarn Tassels:

I used 7 for this piece, but the number will vary based on the desired size of your piece.

Cut a long strand of yarn and fold in half forming a loop. This will be the string your tassel hangs from so cut it to your desired length leaving some extra for tying. Tie together at the end leaving a few inches of tail. set aside.

Wrap yarn around a few fingers or a piece of cut cardboard of the desired length of your tassel. Wrap to your heart’s content - there is no’ too little’ or ‘too much’ here.

When you’ve reached your desired amount of chunk, thread the tail pieces of your loop through all the loops and tie with a double knot. This blog has a very helpful photo guide.

Cut another length of yarn, at least 4”. Tie this length around your yarn bundle, part way down (again, not right or wrong place). You can knot it once and be done, or wrap the yarn around the bundle multiple times to create more of a collar. It can be helpful here to have a tapestry needle (large and blunt) to tuck the loose strands in.

Chop the bottom loops off the tassel and trim to your desired level of fluffiness.

Repeat for as many tassels as you like. I varied the length of the hanging string so that when hung, the tassels fall into a V shape.

Hang your tassels:

Using a piece of driftwood or a wooden dowel, attach the tassels in the desired arrangement using a larks head knot.

Cut and tie another piece of yarn to each end of the dowel making a loop to hang it from.